Revelation Found



Throughout the series, multiple explanations are suggested as to the nature of time and its direct effect on significant points in our timeline more accurately certain events occurring from 2012 to 2077. The scene where Kiera and Alec’s flat out tell us that farther in the future he recalled his interactions with her in the past. Because of these moments of friendship and support that inspired the creation of his corporate technology pertaining to cybernetics that would be used in most futuristic implants and equipment used by people especially agents given in the field. One of these pieces of technology was unique compared to anything of its time since it allowed individuals to travel through space-time. This direct action leads to a time shift whereby circumstances in standing as they are in 2077 shall be altered by any new decisions chosen in place of what normally would. Additional things between Alec, Kiera, and the remaining liber8 member presence will be the core reason for past disruptions that may have altered the timeline and creating a whole separate chain of events, changing the state of the future meaning existing 2077 is no longer certain.

During the series of events, the fact that each possible presented over the progression of the story gives us a more in-depth idea of what we conceive to be the right path could always be wrong. Inevitably, the first season finale ends showing us a plot of very integrity design used to manipulate times unraveling. Unknowingly by everyone Alec Sadlers, older self-arranged for the time leap that throws Kiera and the members of liber8 back in his timeline, and he knew exactly what occurred in the year of 2012. Throwing me off since I believed Alec was just a cool guy that wanted to help Kiera get back to her family, not some pawn in plan his future self-masterminded.

The start of the second season begins with the contents of a message sent through a time rift from 2077, from Alec to his younger self-revealing that his self-evident goal is to subvert his corporate-dominated future. The reason behind his actions cloaked in a veil of unforeseen events created when certain individuals decided his inventions that would be appropriated as a means to seize power. However, unclear this situation seemed to be the potential implications of what it may have for the developing timeline it is presently unclear if future Alec has any memory of events appearing. Since sending Kiera into the past would obviously cause slight tweaks regarding corporate influence through interacting with people like the founder of liber8’s foundner and the other individuals. Ignoring the truth that Alec develops a scheme that is in acted to tells me he must have been aware that Keira would be in a position meet himself he ingeniously pre-planned to implanting certain codes and messages in her suit. Along with knowledge of the freelance time travelers that Kiera learned about during his day in the past. Suggest that at least some version of the time travel happened before.