The Continuum Concept



Pop culture a has given us different ideas of what time travel can in-tale, and what can and cannot change since certain events are fixed points that can never be altered.The continuum concept in which time is flexible not a steady stream as some people would display it presents a common belief by Hollywood. Following a group of freedom fighters who chose to stand against corrupt governments controlled by billion dollar companies that view the world as a chess game. After causing different buildings to collapse in an assault, a group of individuals are captured and sentenced to death. Through innovative means, they escape into the past where everything. Started by corrupt people dreaming of power far outside their reach and ending with corporations running the world taking away human rights and freedoms.Throughout the series, multiple explanations are suggested as to the nature of time and its direct effect on significant points in our timeline more accurately certain events occurring from 2012 to 2077. The main characters are Kiera and Alec, who teach us that good old generosity and kindness work better than cruelty. In the future, Kiera recalled the last act committed by a group called liber8 that destroyed numerous corporate establishments landing them in prison. With her in the past, an understanding of the emotional conflict resulting from a strong need to return her child. Because of this resolve, moments of friendship and support are built between her and Alec that inspired a creative plan to return her back to the future while disrupting liber8. The truly fascinating core aspect of this show is that corporate technology was used to travel through time in an attempt to stop said corporations from coming into existence. Also, just by entering the line at a different point would already knock events out of place, explaining liber8 goal and by using their futuristic implants and equipment developed hilariously in a corporate lab to complete this task. Throughout the series actions used by people show a total disregard for any stable future for humanity not to mention a lack of clarity about which side is correct in this battle. One piece of technology that was unique compared to anything of its time sits in the center of a rippling source of time altering decisions since it allowed individuals to travel through space-time. This direct action leads to a time shift whereby circumstances in standing as they are in 2077 shall be altered by any new decisions chosen in place of what normally would.