What Is Freedom


The liber8 movement in continuum is the embodiment of freedom since they never are bowed by the continuum concept in which time is fixed in a stream not malleable as some people would display it. Following a group of freedom fighters lead by an idea that human who chose to stand against corrupt governments controlled by billion dollar companies that view the world as a chess game. After accomplishing their plan of bombing the Global Corporate Congress building in 2076, the group was sentenced to be executed. Alec Sadler, however, says an opportunity and proposed deal with Edouard Kagame for his follower and himself to be transported to 2012 rather than be vaporized for destroying the corporations symbol of power, thus implementing the series of events now unravelling in the story of Continuum. After being sent back to collapse any future corporate development in a crusade mode made for individuals are hell bent on stopping everything from being sentenced to death, not of their lives but their souls. Through innovative means, they find the original organizers of liber8 in the past where everything is still possible. Starting with corrupt people dreaming of power far outside their reach and ending with corporations running the world taking away human rights and freedoms through indirect means but some well placed clever moves all this could be avoided. The way they sometimes act is incredible if it wasn’t for Kiera they would go unnoticed altogether since they cover their tracks by cleaning mess better then Carpet Cleaning Calgary¬†which i find amazing. Travis represents what liber8 stands for besides Kagame with the support of Garza, against his rival Sonya for power over Liber8, who has the false support of Lucas. Sonya acquires the affiliation of the Coalition Kings, a Vancouver-based gang, by supplying them with a new drug called Flash in exchange for their assistance, while Travis hires his rival gang, the West Coast Syndicate, which is unoriginal using them as chess pieces in the larger battle to control future outcomes. Travis ultimately outsmarts Sonya by bribing the Syndicate with a better offer since Sonya is a punk and joining the forces of all the gangs helps him take over the city like a boss. During his stint in jail, Travis find the opportunity to find Julian and conference in an attempt convince him of his legendary history. Sonya decided to keep Julian, also known as “Theseus,” on her side and away from Travis, tried to fight with Travis’ followers in jail for Julian, to no success. Sonya does, however, aid in Julian’s acquittal from his charges. The importance of Julian though isn’t grasped due to the fact he shaped his path no matter the other influences trying to bend him to an idea carried by an individual, not the truth that inspires one. Many acts of clarity show this fact to be true in more than one way when he displays mercy instead of rash judgement.