Time and Change

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Through innovative means, people believe they can escape from the future they think is intended for them. Where everything is caused by corrupt people dreaming of power far outside their reach and ending with results that are changing the world running it down a road you as a human could never imagine taking in any circumstance human rights and freedoms.Throughout the series, multiple explanations are suggested as to the nature of time and its direct effect on significant points in our personal life that more accurately sum up specific events occurring from beginning to end. The main things that we are trying to change are purpose and value of people; this teaches us that good old charity and compassion work better than tyranny. In the future, Kiera recalled the last act committed by a group called liber8 that destroyed one of the largest corporate buildings landing them in prison. With her in the past, an understanding of the emotional conflict resulting from a high need to return her timeline back to where it became a mission. What they could have utilized is a towing service since to could travel around kidnap people you need and complete missions easier. Continue reading

Space Time

The idea of a space-time being malleable is interesting since time moving forward is our perception of reality since it existences in our dimension. But that fact could remain time is series of cause and effect outcomes being generated by chaotic rhythm. The show Continuum tries to explain time as something you can view and change at will, well in truth to see the timeline you would be seeing another dimension showing you a line of events. Many people associate space-time with Albert Einstein, he suggested a special relativity in 1905. It remained Einstein’s mentor, Hermann Minkowski, which proposed space-time, in a 1908 essay. This is not somethin you can change like a electrician Calgary or something like that.His concept of Minkowski space is the initial treatment of space and time as pair aspects of a unified body, which is the core of special relativity. Continue reading

World In Flux

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I have been watching current news events, and it is making me anxious because things are getting to cereal for a guy to live in the world. Ridiculous leaders are trying to control the most powerful country in the world, which mean they would do nefariously scandalous actions. The world is shifting into a phase of pre-war that will determine the future for my children and me, I starting to see what the people in the continuum are saying about how governments are allowing big corporations and wealthy individuals to corrupt their standards pulling them away from their ideals. The fact that the liber8 movement in the continuum is the embodiment of freedom and is now becoming more realistic when compared to events happening in real life today is a genuinely terrifying thought. Since they never are bowed by the law and any concept of moral standing which is a symptom of powerlessness that makes people throw away their ideals or bends them break apart what good reputation they had. The evolving technology in today’s times set a whole new level of communication used for manipulation, by those who need things to play out a certain way. So Phone Repair Calgary would be necessary in these times from a mobile user standpoint. No good men can last the test of time cause the game is fixed in a way most things are not malleable so some people can’t handle tragedy and suffering. Continue reading