Time and Change

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Through innovative means, people believe they can escape from the future they think is intended for them. Where everything is caused by corrupt people dreaming of power far outside their reach and ending with results that are changing the world running it down a road you as a human could never imagine taking in any circumstance human rights and freedoms.Throughout the series, multiple explanations are suggested as to the nature of time and its direct effect on significant points in our personal life that more accurately sum up specific events occurring from beginning to end. The main things that we are trying to change are purpose and value of people; this teaches us that good old charity and compassion work better than tyranny. In the future, Kiera recalled the last act committed by a group called liber8 that destroyed one of the largest corporate buildings landing them in prison. With her in the past, an understanding of the emotional conflict resulting from a high need to return her timeline back to where it became a mission. What they could have utilized is a towing service since to could travel around kidnap people you need and complete missions easier. Because of this resolve, moments of friendship and support are built between her and other people that are inspired to help her with this plan to return her back to the future while obstructing liber8 in the mean time. The interesting core features of this show is that corporate resources were used to travel back in time in an attempt to stop said corporations from coming into being. Also, only by joining the line at a different point would then knock events out of place, revealing liber8 goal and by applying their futuristic implants and equipment acquired hilariously in a corporate lab to accomplish this task. Throughout the series moves used by people show a total dismiss for any stable future for mankind not to mention a lack of precision about which side is right in this battle. One piece of technology that was not uniquely related to anything of its past sits in the center of a rippling root of time altering choices since it allowed persons to travel through space-time. This immediate action leads to a time shift whereby elements in standing as they are in 2077 shall be altered by any new options chosen in place of what ordinarily would.